“Whether you say you can’t or you can, you’re right.” – Walt Disney Company

While I believe this wholeheartedly, I also believe that failing to plan, really IS planning to fail. There are a lot of well-intended people out there trying really hard to get things done. In fact, they are so hurried in their attempts to achieve something, that they often fail to reflect on just what, specifically, it is that they are trying to achieve! And HOW they will get there – because, just “winging it” isn’t good enough! Everyone needs a plan, a solid plan with tools in place, mentorship to back you up and help guide you when you’re ready and willing to hear, and intuition alone isn’t always enough. Sometimes, you need to read a book or two, do some research, find out what has and hasn’t worked before, and take all the knowledge you can, and apply it directly to a plan – a path that will assure your success!

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