productivity improvement

Whether you are a person trying to improve your life, your career, your overall circumstances, or a business owner or senior executive within an organization – YOU NEED TO READ THIS.

So many people think they can (and, they CAN) before they have any idea “how” they, “no-kidding”, actually CAN. It’s okay – it IS doable! But, if you think you already know everything – you’re already defeated. There is always room for improvement, and in the 21st century, almost everything anyone does in terms of improving, enhancing, or changing, is in terms of “project management”. Even if you don’t actually call it that, that’s often what it is that you’re trying to do. If you are trying to reach some goal or specific objective within a certain time-frame – you’re pushing in on the “project management” space.

Let’s face it – we all want to improve our circumstances, don’t we? If we didn’t, life would be incredibly dull, just sort of “hanging out” each day repeating the same stuff over and over, never learning anything new. Blah. Even if you just want to learn how to (insert anything… cook better, eat healthier, look better, sleep better, etc.)- it is all part of change, or desired change. Sometimes, even though we have a very important title, or we own our own business, or we are already deemed “successful” in some way, we still need to acknowledge that we can be better. In the world of project management, this is especially true, and especially for those that aren’t actually “doing” project management, but are impacted by it (or the lack of it, for that matter). Read what the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) President has to say, as excerpted from the 2014 Pulse of the Profession…

“Though executives know what they should be doing – 88 percent say that strategy implementation is important to their organizations – sixty-one percent acknowledge that their firms often struggle to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and its day-to-day implementation.1 This gap demonstrates a lack of understanding among organization executives that all strategic change happens through projects and programs. While some projects improve an organization’s ability to ‘run the business’ and don’t rise to the level of a ‘strategic initiative,’ all of an organization’s strategic initiatives are projects or programs, which inevitably ‘change the business.’ Most in the C-suite fail to realize this simple truth. Maybe more would if they assigned a senior executive to oversee strategy implementation the same way many of them designate a Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) who has responsibility for strategy development. When that person is supported by an organization culture of project management, including a high performing PMO, that is when we will see project success rates climb.”

– Mark A. Langley
President and CEO
Project Management Institute

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