How to Lower Your Stress Through A “Brain Dump” 1

Organize your life? Yes, Please!

Organize your life? Yes, Please!

Have you ever felt so completely stressed that you could almost explode? Maybe you felt crazy overwhelmed and didn’t know how in the HECK you would EVER “get it all done”!? We live in some really fast-paced times, I know! Sometimes we just need to take a step back, and think about all that we really feel we “have” to do. The best way I know of to do this is through something I call a “brain dump”. This is where you take that entire “to-do” list that is sitting in your brain, and you literally dump it out onto something else! It has to be written down so that it’s tangible, though. You can use a good, old-fashioned paper and pencil, or you can use your smartphone, PC, iPad, or whatever is easiest and works best for you. For now, what you use doesn’t matter, simply the act of DOING it matters.

Did you know that there is research-based evidence behind the “brain dump” method? Having so much “stuff” in our heads can actually cause stress and anxiety, and just the physical act of writing it down can help take some of the stress away. Who knew, right?

There are a gazillion new apps released every day, but my current favorite is Wunderlist (free!). I love Wunderlist (and I’m not affiliated in any way) because it is easy, and I have it on my iPad, Smartphone and desktop computers (it syncs across all devices, so I have no excuse to not be on top of my “to-do’s”!). Wunderlist = Success Bliss BOMB!

How I do my Brain Dump

We are all individuals, and what works for one person may not work as well for another. I love my system, and it works really well for ME, because it’s simple, and I have easy, quick access to it ALL THE TIME (important!!). Maybe you already have a solid app that you use, and you like. Great, I’m not saying you have to change – do what works best for YOU! If paper and pencil (in a notebook that you can carry around with you!!) work best for you – fantastic! Then that’s what you should use!

If you’re just not sure what system you want to use, though, copy what I’m doing, and then gradually tweak it to meet your needs! Just remember, perfectionism slows down ACTION. You need to DO. Once you DO, you can upgrade and enhance to make it fit YOU best.

Step 1:

Go to from your computer, and create an account.


Go to your App Store and search “Wunderlist”. Download the free app once you find it, and create an account.

You can do this from your Smartphone , iPad, and/or desktop computer! Did I already mentioned I have it on ALL of my devices? I have ZERO (zilch, nada, NULL SET, baby!) excuses for not getting my “to-do’s” DONE. And, since the app is based on your login, it is synced up across all of your devices, so it is always current, no matter which device you are using it from. Yesss – big “thank you” to cloud computing!

Step 2:

Once you have your account set up, you’ll see some pre-made folders for you on the left side. I redid them into my own preferences by simply clicking on one, then backspacing the title, and replacing it with my own.

The BIGGEST recommendation I can give you is to set up a “TODAY”, “THIS WEEK” and “SOON” folder system, to start.

Step 3:

For NOW, just do your brain dump in the “soon” folder. Once you have everything captured, you can move it into the appropriate folder (because Wunderlist allows you to move items between folders, too!). Don’t worry too much about that for now, though. Honestly just the act of getting it all down and in-writing will be an amazing start. And you have to capture EVERYTHING. Once you have it all IN WRITING, it allows your brain to “let it go”, resulting in a more calm disposition (less stress).

The key is to NOT stress about this list, we’ll bring order to the chaos later, I promise. All you need to do is dump, dump, dump those “to-do” lists out and save. I’ll provide more information on how we bring that chaos to order in an upcoming post (resulting in even more “calming” of our stress and anxiety levels – yay!).

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High performers are efficiently effective. High performers focus their energy on those things that mean the most to them. They focus on getting things done – the right things done. Before you can “do things right”, you have to make sure you are “doing the right things”! If you haven’t set your goals (and objectives for achieving them), you are not optimizing your time and energy.

High performers create and sustain heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence.

Clarity – Your vision. Define it!
Energy – You must generate your own energy – and sustain it!
Courage – Be bold. Be smart. Make decisions wisely, but make them. Nothing can happen if you decide not to decide, or if you take too long and miss opportunities!
Productivity – Get stuff done – but make sure it’s the “right” stuff!
Influence – High performers have a high level of influence on the people they interact with. Know your stuff when interacting. Do your research, earn respect and you will earn influence!

To ensure you are engaging in the right activities, first you need to plan out your end goals. What do you want to achieve? You have to have a defined end-state if you have any hope of getting there. I have generated a template to help you define your desired end state. Your end state can be as simple as where you want to be 12 months from now, 5 years from now, or even 10 years from now. Using the view of your desired end state, you can develop a plan to get there!

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Being Efficiently Effective! 2

While I pride myself on being efficient, living optimally within the constraints surrounding me, and loving how natural it typically is for me, I realize that efficient doesn’t always mean “effective”. If you’re trying to get to the store, your goal is to “get to the store”, right? So, would it be more efficient to walk there or drive your car? It depends. Are you trying to save gas in your car? Then walking is more “efficient”. Are you trying to save time? Then driving your car is more efficient. Or is it?

Being efficient is all about improving your situation without negatively impacting anyone else. Being effective is getting to the expected outcome. Since being efficient can have some “perspective” to it, it’s important to know what your perspective is… WHILE planning your outcome. Of course, we all want to get to our outcome the simplest, most direct route we can, don’t we? If we intend to have a new patio installed in the back of our house, and we want it in time for summer, but don’t actually complete it until the fall, we’re still effective if we’ve achieved the outcome we intended to achieve, right? But we sure weren’t efficient in doing so!

You can also see the reverse happen – you can be very efficient, without ever being effective! If you want to empty your email inbox and bring it do zero by the end of each and every day, you are being efficiently organized. But if you’re simply doing this by deleting everything out of your inbox without reading any of it, you might not be very effective (or maybe you are!). Especially if you’re in the customer service field, and your job is to respond and make as many customers happy as possible – even through email. Oops! Gold star on efficiency, but big chunk of coal for being ineffective!

Do you have any hiccups or areas in your personal or professional life that cause you to be less efficient or effective than you’d like to be? There is always – and yes, I do mean always, areas to improve. What may have been perfect one day, is probably no longer perfect the next because we live in a dynamic and changing world. Being just efficient, or just effective is no longer “good enough”. We should all strive to be efficiently effective! Stay tuned to hear what some of our top inefficiencies are, and how to address them!