Project Management: The Music Video (No, REALLY).

I know that having a plan BEFORE you start means different things to different people. To seasoned and skilled project managers, this means a much more detailed description of not only the “what & when”, but the “how” and the “who” and, most importantly – WHY.

In over 20 years in the field, I have seen excellent, and less than excellent examples of project management. I have learned, though experience, that having a certification doesn’t mean you can actually do any of the needed project management (or program management, or portfolio management, for that matter) needed. Those who know, really know because they understand the need, and what goes into a plan in order to achieve a desirable solution.

This isn’t just true for the techie projects, either. Planning a wedding, planning a birthday bash, or anything else that’s a temporary, one-time thing is a project. I love that there is now a SONG with some of the key steps surrounding it. If you are a PM geek like I am, (or looking to learn an overview, in 6 minutes or so), check out this song on project management! You can view the video by clicking HERE.

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