Move It. Yep, I Just Said That!

As a former Army Master Fitness Trainer, and certified Fitness Instructor, I can say with some level of authority that movement matters. While I may be credentialed in the fitness world, I am also a busy mom, who gained a solid 40 pounds of excess weight while letting my day job and associated commute (and all associated stressors) get to me. I can say, with certainty, that having a high income is crap. Yep, I just said that, too. It’s crap, because it doesn’t define happiness. Sure, nobody wants to be broke – that is a whole different kind of stress. I’ve been there, too. I grew up with excitement for shopping – and by “shopping”, I mean yard sale hopping for my wardrobe, because we couldn’t afford “brand new” shopping. Being raised without any money instilled my work ethic and passion for learning, I’m pretty sure. And because we also rarely had solid meals, it instilled a love of EATING, which is why I also enjoyed fitness so much (I could eat bad, and then just work out and it wouldn’t even be noticeable!). That lasted well into my 20’s, right up until I started having kids. Working out for hours at a time was no longer an option, and as I climbed the infamous corporate ladder, my “freedom” of time decreased more and more. I juggled between my family member’s schedules and my employer’s needs, leaving my own needs to fall flat on the floor (thus the era of “HELLO extra 40 pounds”!?!!). This isn’t uncommon – you KNOW what I’m talking about, don’t you? If you honestly DO NOT know what I’m talking about – that makes me happy for you! But if you do, then please virtually keep listening (well, ok, reading… then)…


Stress is in all of us – some more than others, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-home mom or a corporate executive. One of the healthiest ways to reduce it is through movement. And while nobody knows more than me how time gets away from us, and “there never seems to be enough hours in the day” to get it all done in ADDITION to a workout – it IS possible. And, nobody is saying to start big, but if you have excess weight to lose, and/or a whole lot of stress in your life (or both, like I did!), instead of eating that comfort bowl of ice cream or chips – spend 10 minutes (yes, JUST 10 minutes!!) moving. It can be a simple walk around the block, or on your treadmill, or just going up and down the stairs in your home. It can be ANYTHING that raises your heart rate a bit. Maybe you want to watch TV a little? Great, if you’re going to do that anyway why not watch it for just 10 minutes while standing up? Stand up and do some squats, or wall push-ups (where you literally lean into a wall, or the couch or something, and do push-ups). Or seriously, stand up and alternate kicking your legs. Anything works fine – just be sure to MOVE.

Moving is such a healthy thing – not just for your body (that’s too obvious), but it’s also HUGE for your emotional state. HUGE. Let me say that again. H-U-G-E. For me, “gifting” myself with those 10 minutes each and every day allowed me to think better, feel better (physically and emotionally) and made me overall happier. 10 minutes a day!!! Do you want to be happier? No more excuses, then – only 10 minutes a day to a better life, better way!

Now, I’m far from perfect (yay me – I’d be SO BORING if I was, don’t you agree?!), but gifting myself with this ONE little thing (10 minutes of movement a day), I have lost one clothing size (so far), and 12 pounds. No, I didn’t move any mountains or shake the earth, but just that little bit has me feeling SO much better. I sometimes gift myself with these 10 minutes while doing dishes or laundry (and yes, I look absolutely ridiculous, but I don’t care, because it’s my gift to myself). Other times I get the ENTIRE 10 minutes to myself – which is pretty darn amazing (busy moms, you know exactly what I’m talking about!!).

Did this article resonate with you? If it did, please comment below! I’d love to hear about your struggles and your victories toward your journey of enhanced happiness! It’s a choice, and if you aren’t sure how to choose, read THIS blog post that can help you get started!

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