Learn The Executive Decision Making Process

Learn all about the Executive Decision Making Process

Learn The Executive Decision Making Process

Research indicates that prioritizing work efforts is the #1 investment challenge of both managers and executive decision makers. The need to “do more with less” makes choosing the right projects, at the right time, more important than ever. Today’s decision making processes within organizations are often:


  • Immature because they rely on the (simplistic but deadly) BOGSAT (Bunch Of Guys/Gals Sitting Around A Table… making ill-informed, non-transparent decisions)
  • Lacking a solid understanding of the costs, risks, and benefits of proposed projects
  • Inflicted with undetected individual and group bias, rather than having processes that recognize and counteract the bias
  • Full of unjustified project portfolios
  • Failing to incorporate the long-term value of knowledge acquisition
  • Measuring nothing, or the wrong things


Do any of these sounds familiar? I’m putting together a course on “The Executive Decision Making Process: that will walk you through some of the challenges, and ways to minimize them! Look for this online course coming in March 2015!


What are some of your biggest organizational decision-making challenges? Documenting decisions? Following up with them to ensure they were actually implemented?

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