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Current Offerings:

Social Media

 Here’s what just a few of my 4,700+ students are saying:

“Engaging, well put together. I’m not a complete beginner, but finding very useful information that’s inspiring”  – Kathy Joyce

“This course is comprehensive and informative. The instructor is knowledgeable and engaging. I learned a lot”    – Juliette Barredo

“This course is paced well so you can digest real life examples of what to implement and execute everyday. I think online courses are to much academia and not real best practices that MUST be integrated as fundamentals of marketing, branding and sales. I really appreciated the detail to keywords and hashtags. That was worth the price of admission” – Jerry Hart







 Here’s what just a few of my 4,700+ students are saying:

This course is an excellent way to learn about the basics of project management, especially if you have never been a Project Manager, or if you have noticed a lot of recruitment ad descriptions requesting project management as a skill and you are unsure of whether you have any experience in that yet were never specifically advised that was what you were doing. After the course you will be able to see how Project Management is applicable across various industries and what the differences are between Project Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management, as well as how Project Management is the starting point to get to the other two in your career.” Alison

“It was very clear presentation and whether one implements project elements or controls them I found the course brought it all together nicely. Really enjoyed the course thks.” – Rita