Me_1As a business strategist, I help businesses strategically plan for growth. Big so what, right? Anyone can come up with a plan. Just google “Goals” and you’ll learn how to set goals, maybe even how to think through them a little. So, what makes ME different, then? Glad you asked!

I not only ensure your goals are meaningful, I also ensure that the goals themselves are matched with the necessary ACTIONS that turn goals into reality!

  • If you’re looking for someone that sugar-coats the realities of your situation – I’m not your person.
  • If you are comfortable with how things are done now, and aren’t open to change – I’m not your person.
  • If you already know all the answers – I’m not your person.
  • If you ARE open to taking responsibility, owning your actions (or in-actions), and willing to do the WORK to really, truly, no-kidding achieve the results you’re seeking – then I AM your person!
  • If you know you need to make changes, but aren’t sure where to even begin – I AM your person!
  • If you need a support system, a solid plan, and a path that lays out exactly what you need to do next – I AM your person!


Hi! I’m Jodie Marzett and I founded The Marzett Group, LLC in the belief that you CAN do anything you put your mind to. The only barriers to growth are those you put on yourself, and sometimes, you can’t even see them.

I am an expert planner – and as such, I make plans that you can actually EXECUTE. So many businesses (profit and non-profit) spend a ton of time on their future vision and “strategic plans”, but rarely do they result in something that can actually be executed (sadly).

You can’t just plan to grow, plan to give more value, plan to make more of a profit – it just doesn’t work that way!

You have to think through every tactical detail to make it truly come to life. How many resources will it take to  make this strategy happen? How many people? Equipment? Funds? What skill sets are needed, and do we have access to those people today that can make it happen? If not, where do we find them and how long will it take? Who is responsible for making decisions? Who is accountable? Who simply needs to be informed, but doesn’t need to make the decision? How do we find new customers? How do we get press to get our brand out there? Clear, concise, down to every minute detail so that chaos is minimized and success can be truly measured – are we there yet? How close are we?

You get the picture…. there is a LOT that goes into developing an actionable strategy – that’s where I come in!

While I do have over 25 years in the industry, I also have the credentials to back it up. I hold a Master of Science degree in Project Management, and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. I am also a certified Master Project Manager (MPM) and level III Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Program Manager. I’m proud of my credentials, but those are just papers – its the years of experience in both private and public sectors that make me truly stand out. I didn’t just pass a few exams that say “yep, she’s book-smart” – I’ve actually DONE the work, and done it successfully!

My experience and knowledge combination are what make me most successful, as I have experience with everything from small scale projects, multi-million dollar programs, to multi-billion dollar Project Portfolios – not just “being in charge” of them (although, I’ve done that, too), but actually WORKING them. I’ve been both in the trenches and in the lead, so I hold perspectives from all angles – not something most people can say. I’ve done the work myself, and mentored others so that they could do it, too. I understand the value of governance, too. Real processes – efficient processes, that are decisive and tracked so that you always know what is and isn’t working. The goal is to know what isn’t working as soon as possible, so you can fix it right away and move on to your big business success! “Confronting the ugly” immediately allows the beauty to shine through much sooner!

I love helping businesses achieve something great – all I ask is that they maintain an open mind, are willing to step outside their comfort zone a bit, and be ready for HUGE success!



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